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Top 10 Emerging Investment Firms - 2022


Investment firms are at the cloverleaf of digital disruption. To stay relevant and ahead of the market competition, investment firms are adopting new technological solutions and are continually reimagining their processes and business models. Investment firms are using NLP engines to examine emails, documents, and even spoken words to spot issues, uncover fraud, identify unusual transactions, and make informed decisions. Data analytics is also gaining immense traction in the financial services landscape. Investment firms are keenly analyzing every bit of the data to gain real-time insights into market trends and uncover newer business opportunities.

Virtual data rooms have become a powerful tool to help investment firms stay organized without compromising security. At the same time, multiple mobile apps help investment firms create customized dashboards to easily share data with consumers.

As such, technological progressions are helping investment firms improve their practices in smarter, unimaginable ways. This edition of Financial Services Review features state-of-the-art, top, and emerging investment firms. A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Financial Services Review magazine’s editorial board has put-forth a list of top and emerging investment firms. The enlisted companies leverage innovative technologies to deliver the tools, resources, and solutions that companies need to accelerate business growth and improve bottom lines. In order to assist leaders in identifying the right investment firm, Financial Services Review presents to you “Top 10 Emerging Investment Firms - 2022.”

    Top Emerging Investment Firms

  • Headquartered in Boston, Emerald Necklace Investments ("ENI") is a premier investment firm. Based on its proprietary scorecard and algorithm, the company follows an inverted research model that helps source the best investment ideas from the best hedge funds through public filings. The model reveals the top five hedge funds and provides an idea pool of approximately 50 equities. The company then determines the top 25 equities, focused on small- to mid-cap companies ($1 to $10 billion market cap).

  • Grove Wealth Management is the brainchild of the two like-minded business experts, Orlando Sthory and Edgar Nava. With every engagement, Grove Wealth Management extensively collaborates with clients to figure out what they want their money to do for them. These objectives can include college planning to retirement, an investment account with huge returns and low volatility, and legacy protection with life insurance. In a nutshell, the company offers complete financial advice to clients that goes beyond just managing their investment portfolios. All of Grove Wealth Management’s investment solutions are backed by cutting-edge technology. The company incorporates innovations to its systems by aligning with the latest industry trends and constructing a portfolio with lower volatility than the market. The expertise in understanding the technological and mathematical elements of the market volatility indices makes it possible for Grove Wealth Management to perform trading and create superior investment strategies.

  • Sentinel Net Lease is a real estate investment firm founded in 2019 that is focused on acquiring commercial real estate investments that either produce monthly cash-flow or possess significant profit potential through renovation and leasing

  • Alternative Capital Advisers

    Alternative Capital Advisers

    Alternative Capital helps with pension funds, endowments, RIAs, wealth advisory and family offices to effectively integrate hedge funds into their portfolios by offering a multi-manager solution

  • Ashton Gray Development

    Ashton Gray Development

    Ashton is a real estate investment firm covering from luxury homes to land development to retail and more

  • Eastover Capital Management

    Eastover Capital Management

    Since 1988, Eastover Capital Management is providing active portfolio management for individual and institutional clients

  • Highbridge Capital Management

    Highbridge Capital Management

    Highbridge Capital Management is a global alternative investment firm offering credit and volatility focused solutions across a range of liquidity and investment profiles, including hedge funds, drawdown vehicles and co-investments

  • Ouroboros Group

    Ouroboros Group

    Ouroboros Group is an investment firm specializing in middle market corporate acquisitions & operations and working within a diverse set of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer

  • Timber Point Capital Management

    Timber Point Capital Management

    Timber Point is a boutique investment management firm providing alternative and multi-asset solutions to a wide range of clientele including independent financial advisors, registered funds, institutions and private clients

  • Vista Equity Partners Management

    Vista Equity Partners Management

    Vista Equity is one of the leading investment firms in the market, with more than $93 billion in assets under management and over 20 years of investing exclusively in enterprise software

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